Wednesday, February 22, 2006


If a kid comes up to me and tells me that today is his or her birthday, I try to act like I don't believe them and argue with them by asking them what the date is and how old they are turning and saying things like, "Prove it! I know it's not really your birthday." Finally I will say, "I know how to find out if it really is your birthday." At that point I magicly pull a quarter out of their ear and put on my best surprised face and say, "Wow, it really is your birthday!" We used to have a Coke machine on campus that only charged seventy-five cents for a soda so I usually had a quarter in my pocket. Now the price is a dollar, so I have to remember to carry a few quarters in my pocket when I leave the house.

You might say that all those quarters add up, but when I get a Kinder kid who really believes that the quarter came out of his ear, it makes it all worth the price.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Valentines Day Dance

That's right. We (k-4 school) have a Valentines Day dance. It is an opportunity to sell a bunch of candy and sodas to raise money for the 4th grade end of the year party. What it really is, is a chance for the kids to run around acting crazy and not get in trouble. You should see them dance--funniest thing ever. Some of them actually have some skillz but most of them hop around and scream. When a song comes on that they all know there is this deafening roar and a mad rush to the stage.

This year, there was a special treat. The dance was interrupted by a fire alarm ( set off by the cool fog machine). Then, the end of the day was welcomed by a huge thunderstorm. This made dismissal wonderful.

Oh well, at least the 4th grade raised enough money to have a big end of the year party. I like that idea--have a party to raise money for a bigger party. I may have to try that with my friends.