Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Close Your Eyes

I want you to imagine that you are older--way older--and you are looking in the mirror. You see your face and it looks older, and you kinda look like your mom or dad.

Now imagine that you look on the floor next to you and there is a kid looking up at you, who really looks a lot like you! Imagine that you tell the kid, "Ok, it's time to go to bed." The kid gets all grumpy looking and says, "NO! I don't want to go to bed!" You tell him, "NOW!" and he stomps to his room and you follow him and see that the room is a total mess—toys everywhere and potato chips all over the bed!

Now, rewind it--you are still looking in the mirror and you look down at the kid and say, "Ok, it's time to go to bed." and the kid jumps up and skips off happily to their room and you follow. When you get to the room, it is immaculate--all the toys are put away and everything looks perfect--but you can't find the kid! Finally you look at the bed and the kid is all under the covers except the face, which is smiling so sweet!


Remember that first kid? Would you want to do extra stuff for that kid who is so GRUMPY? How about the second kid? Wouldn't you want to treat that one extra special for being so sweet and cooperative?

Well, someday, you may be a parent, but right now you are the KID! You are THE APPLE OF YOUR PARENTS EYES! You are the one that your parents imagined having!

Are you giving your parents and teachers the respect and cooperation that you would want to get if you were a parent or teacher?

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EliCa said...

to my children you need tell this story...those two...are a handfull right now. Well 3 but really its the older 2 that need it the most.

thanks and um...the check is in the mail.