Monday, January 31, 2011

Granite Granted.

ARIA (3rd grade): I read this book that said, "Don't take anything for granite, because tombstones are made out of granite."

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Do you see?

do you see people being beaten all around you? do you see anyone being smacked in the face for cutting in line or taking a pencil? is there any reason to lie about the mistakes you make? just tell the truth and try not to make too many mistakes, and don't make the same mistakes twice.

and if someone is bothering you, just say, "please don;t do that, it's bothering me."

(there's a few mistakes in punctuation and spelling here, sorry"

My Own Kindergarden Joke

I saw my dad this weekend and he told me a joke that I made up when I was a kid.

Q: Who is Booger Boy?
A: Why, that's Booger Man's son.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

That Makes Perfect Pre-K Sense

MR. WALKER: Destin! Why did you go to the bathroom on the playground!?
DESTIN: Because my mamma said she was gonna whoop my A$$ if I pee'd in my britches!
MR. WALKER: But now you're still going to be in trouble.
DESTIN: Not as much trouble as if I pee'd my britches!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Today in 5th Grade Drama...

...Caitlin came to the realization that every audience member sees the play from a different perspective. This led to the class coming to the realization that each audience members background also influences how they perceive the play.

Not part of my lesson plans, it just came out of a discussion in class.

Now they WANT to go see plays!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vivek Again

Vivek is a wise-crackin' 1st grader. Today, I was calling role and one of the students was missing.

MR. BOWERS: Juliet...Juliet...?
ALEXIS: Hey, Juliet was here earlier...where is she?
VIVEK: She vanished!

It's Just For You

Teddy (2nd grade) was walking in the dirt next to the new sidewalk.

MR. BOWERS: Teddy! What are you doing? Why aren't you using the sidewalk?
TEDDY: I don't know.
MR. BOWERS: Don't you remember those guys building the sidewalk earlier this year? Remember, they had that big tractor and everything?
TEDDY: Oh, yeah!
MR. BOWERS: Well, they built that sidewalk for you! Do you want me to call them and tell them that you aren't using it?
MR. BOWERS: They would be so mad, they would CRUSH you with their tractor! So where are you going to walk from now on?
TEDDY: The sidewalk!
MR. BOWERS: Good job!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


MR. BOWERS: When you are on stage, you have to be aware of your spatial relationships with everyone around you.
RAINA: Like a Jedi?
MR. BOWERS: a Jedi.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Not Heart Broken--Leg Broken

HEATHER (2nd grade): I don't know why my mom married my dad, she only liked him because he had a broken leg.
MR. BOWERS: Does she still like him?
HEATHER: Yeah, because he's cute. But his leg's not broken anymore.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Request

I overheard a kindergartner's request in the office as I was signing out today. Maria, the lady in charge of the cafeteria was the recipient of this request.

Can you serve chicken nuggets tomorrow?

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Almost a Football Fan

FYI: On January 2nd the Houston Texans played the Jacksonville Jaguars.

HAYDEN: Hey Mr. Bowers, on the day after New Years Day I saw a game, it was the Houstons against the Leopards.

Strong Enough for a Man

D'Mitri is a first grade BOY and today he had shiny silver lips.

MR. BOWERS: D'Mitri, why are you wearing lip gloss?
D'MITRI: It's "man-gloss."

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

She Would Know

JONATHAN: Mr. Bowers, today is my birthday!
MR. BOWERS: No, it's not, I don't believe you.
JONATHAN: Yes it is, my mom told me!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Aurora's Grumpy

Aurora is a kindergartener and I have met her little brother Luke who is 3, I think. Today is the first day back from winter break. Aurora was looking a little grumpy:

MR. BOWERS: What's wrong Aurora?
AURORA: Nothing.
MR. BOWERS: Come on, what is it?
MR. BOWERS: I know, I bet you miss Luke! You got to spend all that time with him over the break and now you miss him, don't you?
MR. BOWERS: Ohh, I wonder what Luke is doing right now. He's probably in your room playing with all your dolls!
AURORA: No he's not!!!

Grumpy gone.