Tuesday, May 04, 2010

4th Grade Writer

In 1st grade, Caitlin would always write stories about her two imaginary friends, Mary and Lloyd. Now she is in 4th grade and writes stories about cats:

GRAYMIST by Caitlin 4th Grade

Graymist Warrior-cat Princess sat back in her throne and observed her new common room of business. Her pink metal water-goblet sat at the ridge of her slick wooden table, and two leather mini-thrones stood in a corner. A grand window loomed to her right, next to a crimson pot with a green sort of plant growing in it. She leaned backward and sighed. As long as she kept the place private, no one would ever think of entering room C-51 of Damwell Enterprises, in the Catland Suburbs.

No one but Peacenfur.

Peacenfur Highrah was one of the most annoying of hippies in the Catland Suburbs. He and the other hippies, Peaceoall and Peaceandlove, roamed the city in search of people in need of “personal hippies.”

And worst of all was the hippie train. You could hear it coming from a mile away, for it had boom boxes and a karaoke system installed on the sides. Sometimes, just sometimes, Peacenfur could be seen singing crazy hip-hop songs on the ceiling of the train!

Graymist brushed her long hair with a rhinestone brush, and settled in for a relaxing day.

How wrong was she.

Somewhere in the afternoon, when she had just settled into a nice afternoon nap, there was a sudden blast from outside as the hippie train sped past. Anyone would’ve thought that they were just passing by, but they weren’t.

Peacenfur was at the door of Damwell Enterprises.

Graymist was having a wondrous dream about the medieval times, when suddenly there was a rather loud and annoying knock from somewhere. She woke with a start and stared around wildly, looking for the source of the noise. “Oh, no,” she thought as her eyes laid upon the metal door, “Not already!”

Then she heard Peacenfur’s shout, “I’m your personal hippie!” Graymist groaned as she pulled on a maroon cloak and got out of the spinning throne. Walking toward her door she searched for a large brass doorknob or a golden keyhole, but found none. Instead, she saw a metal plate and keyhole, with silver keys dangling from a hook to the left.

Assuming that these keys fit in the doorknob, she chose a baby-blue colored key and fit it through the keyhole, opening the door.

Graymist looked around, confused. Had she just imagined the knock, or was—“Aaahhh!” Graymist stumbled backward as Peacenfur somersaulted in. Her cloak fell off her shoulders and her pearl necklace snapped, sending pearls flying in the air, nearly poking her in the eye.

“PEACENFUR!!” Graymist screeched, “GET-OFF-OF-ME!” Peacenfur fell backward on the tile, his long hair falling back in place. He looked awfully wild in a rainbow striped long shirt and bowler pants. A leather belt with a peace sign held up his pants and he wore crazy cowboy boots. No one had ever seen his eyes for they were almost always covered with crazy multi-colored dread locks. In fact, the only people who’d ever glimpsed his cat-eyes were Peaceoall and Peaceandlove.

Graymist pulled her cloak up and picked up her necklace. Shoving it in her pocket, she noticed Peacenfur break in a huge grin, “I’m your personal hippie!”

Graymist backed up on all four paws and scowled at Peacenfur. But Peacenfur wasn’t paying attention; he was edging toward Graymist’s water goblet. Graymist gasped as it dawned on her. Instinctively, she fell backwards into her closet and pulled it closed with a string she had tied long ago. She reached under her rack of clothes for an umbrella, and finally grasped a handle. Fortunately, Peacenfur hadn’t yet—

“Aaaaack!!” Graymist screeched as her door flew open and Niagara Falls came pouring down on her. In the midst of all the rush and fuss, she heard Peacenfur’s loud annoying laugh.

Though it may have looked like Graymist was absolutely fuming and wet, on the inside she was actually expecting this. Her mind was whirring with thoughts and ideas and a single thought hit her suddenly. Peacenfur was laughing so hard that he didn’t notice the ground fall under the warrior princess, but when he did, it was too late.

Graymist slid down a dirt-made tunnel complete with small lights and tiny gems. As she did, she couldn’t help noticing that the ceiling was dripping and the stalagmites were touching the stalactites. She was going to have to call the royal builder and get him up to do the job.

Once she got to the end, she closed a door behind her, dried herself with an old towel, and blow dried her hair. She switched into a dry outfit and, with a flourish, opened an exit door and left her secret room.

Meanwhile, Peacenfur Highrah stared at the place where Graymist Warrior-cat Princess had disappeared, bewildered.

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