Friday, July 28, 2006

An Email From a Former Student

If you read it like a 13 year old, it makes sense. I taught her Drama--not writing (although we did do some writing activities every now and then).

hey mr.b whats happenin me nothin i got a scholarship already they are goingto put 10,000 dollars on it every year i'm in school because my math teacherdown here in el campo nominated me and i had to write an essay and i won igot the scholar ship i'm soooooo happy one day imma come back down there andjust be in yo class one day again and help you teach i've been in so manyplays down here i'm a great actress not to brag or anything but i'm so goodthat every play i be in i make lead roll so bein in yo class that 4th gradeyear really helped me thats the first time i really started acted well igotta gostay cool shacora

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Off-season Workout

I am starting my off-season workout to get ready for the upcoming school year.

1: Get down on to the floor and back up again ten times to each side every day until school starts.

2: Build up tolerance for restroom breaks. Stop going "whenever I get the need" and get used to waiting (That always gives me problems early in the school year).

3: Start talking to myself outloud to build up my vocal chords.

4: Start doing my work laundry that has been in the hamper since May.

5: Wake up earlier.