Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fluffy the Dog/Wolf

Hi Mr. Bowers, this is Lexie, I was at your school a LONG time ago...about 3 years ago I was in fourth grade and also in your awesome drama club that I will never forget. The play was called Kitten and Sugar Bear's playhouse...something like that, and in that play I was Fluffy the dog/wolf. It was THE MOST incredible feeling being in drama club...we got to do improves and all kinds of stuff...and last year somewhere near new years (2008) I was in another play Beauty and the Beast. I didn't have as big of a roll as I did in your play but it was still fun. And I'm about to be in another play at my school...Peter Pan...i get to fly because I'm playing the roll of Jane...Wendy's Daughter. It's going to be pretty fun I had to fill out an information sheet about all the plays Iv'e been in and dance classes...all that kind of stuff...but the one question I will always answer the same is "Who inspired you?" or "Who is your inspiration" and what I'll always say is my drama teacher Mr. Bowers, and that's the truth. So i just wanted to email youand see how youv'e been...but I'm sure your'e busy because we have about a month until school starts...but I surely hope youv'e had a great summer. I got your email from the school web page and just thought i'd drop by and ask how you are doing and hope you have a fantastic year! Wishing you well, Lexie

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Class of '08

The kids that graduated high school this past year were in first grade when I started teaching so I decided to go to the ceremony and check it out. Out of the millions of kids at the graduation, about twenty of them were former students of mine and I got to talk to a few of them.

Lauren is going to Cornell University. Her dad died when she was in kindergarten at my school and they planted a tree in his honor and it it still there.

Travis is going to be an Aggie. He always was a knuckle head.

Adrianna is going to stay in town and attend the University of Houston. She was a kid that I also tutored in reading and really came a long way. She used to read me this book with a hedgehog in it and was so cute! She had this little lisp and would always crack me up with her pronunciation.

I hate it that I couldn't track down all of the kids at the graduation--but like I said--there were millions.

Next year will be my first kindergarteners graduating High School. I'm getting old.