Thursday, July 10, 2008

Class of '08

The kids that graduated high school this past year were in first grade when I started teaching so I decided to go to the ceremony and check it out. Out of the millions of kids at the graduation, about twenty of them were former students of mine and I got to talk to a few of them.

Lauren is going to Cornell University. Her dad died when she was in kindergarten at my school and they planted a tree in his honor and it it still there.

Travis is going to be an Aggie. He always was a knuckle head.

Adrianna is going to stay in town and attend the University of Houston. She was a kid that I also tutored in reading and really came a long way. She used to read me this book with a hedgehog in it and was so cute! She had this little lisp and would always crack me up with her pronunciation.

I hate it that I couldn't track down all of the kids at the graduation--but like I said--there were millions.

Next year will be my first kindergarteners graduating High School. I'm getting old.

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