Thursday, May 28, 2009

Don't I Feel Special

I just got this sweet email from Elena's mom after the 5th grade graduation:

I had to tell you this. I caught Elena crying while the 5th graders were singing "I'm ready to go" this morning. She pulled it together, but then she just lost it on the way out the door. Then she said, "Well, at least I didn't have to say good bye to Mr. Bowers. That would have killed me." I thought you should know. -Ruth

I can't believe I didn't get a chance to see her when she left--oh well, she'll be back, she has two sisters that are gonna be in 1st grade and kinder next year!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hair Cut

MR. BOWERS: Hey Kamaal, nice hair cut.

KAMAAL(kindergarden): It's not a hair cut--it's a touch-up.

More Thanks a Lot

I was just sitting at my desk and looked up and saw a sign stuck above it that the kids left:

PLEASE, Clean me once a week!
Thank You!

Those darn kids!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thanks a Lot!

Today, the Drama Club had a performance in my room at 5:30pm. Last week I told the kids in Drama Club that they could stay after school and help me get everything set up because I wanted my room to look nice for the parents. They all started cleaning my bookshelves and my desk and everything. I guess my room was pretty messy because at one point, Avery said, "Wow, Mr. Bowers--you should have let us help out a long time ago!" Then Rachel picked up my bottle of cleaning solution and said, "Man! This bottle is still full!"

Thursday, May 21, 2009


The music teacher wanted me to video the 2nd grade concert. I didn't know she wanted it to be a beautiful video, I thought it was just for showing the kids later. I didn't know that she was going to offer the videos up for sale to the parents!


Instead of always going close-up on the kids who were singing beautify, I zoomed in on the ones who were lost in their own world; the ones who didn't know the songs and wished they weren't there; the ones who saw someone they knew in the crowd and started waving; the ones who were doing the wrong movements to the songs, or not doing them at all.

Now, dont' get me wrong, I got tons of shots of great kids doing fantastic--'cuz that's how we roll at our school. Most of our kids are super, but the ones that aren't are pretty entertaining. I figured this way we could also show the kids "what not to do" in the concerts. I think the music teacher will appreciate this more in the future--I don't think the parents will, though. Oops.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Made Up a Joke

What do you call a T-Rex who can predict the weather?

A Meat-eater-ologist!

I know...stick to my day job.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

He Sleeps Like A Wrestler

Today the kindergardeners were dressed in their pajamas for some reason or another. Anyway, Jarrell wasn't wearing any pajamas, just his regular clothes. I asked him why he wasn't participating. Here is his response:

You know how those wrestlers fight in their underwear? That's how I sleep.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I just want to point out one of the neat things about being a teacher--there's a track at my job for me to exercise on after lunch! Well, today I was out walking the track with some 1st graders during their recess:

JALAILA: Mr. Bowers, are you chewing bubble gum?
MR. BOWERS: Yeah, I'm chewing gum because I just ate lunch and I'm still hungry and I heard that chewing gum would help. It's not working, though, because I'm still hungry.
CHRYSTAL: You should eat some chicken nuggets.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Blow-up Guitar

Last night we presented our annual production of "Yo Leonardo" which is a musical celebration of famous artists. At one point in the show, two kids come out with these inflatable guitars and jam out. Jacob was one of those kids:

JACOB: Hey, Mr. Bowers, can I keep the guitar after the show?
MR. BOWERS: Well, we need the guitars for the kids to use next year.
JACOB: But, I put my mouth on it when I was blowing it up.
MR. BOWERS: That's OK, so did the kid who used it last year!


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Clara Got A Mosquito Bite On Her Face

CLARA (kindergarden): My mom had to put calamari lotion on my face.