Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Writing Process

I was teaching the writing process to my 5th graders:

OK, like you know when I was in High School, I would sometimes write love letters. Before I would write, I would think about all the things I want to tell the girl. You know, how much I love her, how pretty she is and things like that. (pre-writing)

Then, I would pour out my soul onto the paper and tell her everything, you know, get it all out. (rough draft)

After I finished, I would go back and read it to myself and think about the girl and how she may react when she reads it. Then I would think, "Oh man, I can't say that, she'll think I’m crazy!" So, I would go back and change it up a little bit to make it better. (revising)

Then, you know, I didn't want her to think I was dumb, so I would go back and double check all of my punctuation, grammar, capitalization--stuff like that. I would make sure that I have crossed all of my t's and dotted all of my i's. Sometimes I would make the dots on the i's be like little hearts. (edit)

Now, I had the note just the way I wanted it, so I would get out a new sheet of paper and a really fancy pen and copy the letter in my best handwriting with no mistakes on it so the girl would think I was perfect. Maybe I would spray a little cologne on the paper to make it extra special. Then, I would present the letter to the girl! (publishing)

Next, I would watch as she would tear up the letter and yell at me to never speak to her again! (critic)

Thursday, January 24, 2008


We had a few vandals break into the school over MLK weekend. They got into a few classrooms and did some damage. Nothing was stolen but a few computers were ruined. My classroom looked like the Tasmanian devil had come through.

They dumped out six jigsaw puzzles, mixed in some crayons, markers papers, pencils, CD's, math manipulatives, books, etc.--all over the floor. Then I noticed that they tore up some of my teaching posters and a picture of my wife and I at the school Christmas party.

My first class of the day was 5th graders. They offered to help clean up the room and in about 30 minutes everything was back in its place--even the Christmas party picture. Some of the 5th grade girls had taped it back together!! HOW SWEET!! I told them that every time I look at the taped together picture I will not think of the ugly vandals who tore it, but of the beautiful children who helped me clean up my room!!! EVEN SWEETER!!!

To top things off, there was also a broken water pipe that left the library, copy/workroom and several classes flooded with water. Needless to say, our principal is not his usual jovial self--although he is handling everything like a champ.

There are rumors that the vandals were a few kids that were at our school last year and are now at a school close to here. I hope we find the real culprits, my wife wants to talk to them about the picture!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bad Alarm Cock

The music teacher and I were doing "She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain" with the kindergarteners and we asked the kids why the song says that they will "kill the big fat rooster when she comes".

HANNAH: Because they are mad at the rooster cus he's annoying them and they want to sleep?

ADAM: So they can eat rooster meat?

(FYI: It's really so that they can "all have chicken and dumplins when she comes.")

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Let's Go See A Giant Rat

I overheard a dad talking to his kindergarten daughter this morning as they were walking to class. His voice sounded a little like the famous rapper 50 Cent:

DAD: I'll tell you what...if you stay on "E" for the rest of this week...I'll take you to see Chucky Cheese on Friday...I promise...That's a PROMISE!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cheese Cutter

SAM: James farted!
MR. BOWERS: Ok, well, that proves that he's not a robot.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I decided to teach the kids about goal setting:

MR. BOWERS: Let's say your goal is to stop hitting your little brother so much. Here's what you do: Keep track of how many times you hit your brother in a week. Let's say it's about twenty times a week. Well, the next week, you try just hitting him ten times and after you have hit him for the tenth time, you can't hit him again--no matter what! Then you lower it to five and so on. Eventually, you get down to hitting him only ONE time a week! That's when you will be using some good self-control because you will REALLY want to hit him but you might want to save it for something really bad.

REBECCA: But don't tell him he only gets one hit!!!

KIARRA: If I only hit him once this week, do I get to hit him twice the next week?!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Too Much Christmas Pie

On the first day back from the holiday I was so happy to see the kindergarteners coming to my class:

MR. BOWERS: Hey you guys i am so happy to see you! Did you miss me?
CIENNA: You got bigger!