Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Writing Process

I was teaching the writing process to my 5th graders:

OK, like you know when I was in High School, I would sometimes write love letters. Before I would write, I would think about all the things I want to tell the girl. You know, how much I love her, how pretty she is and things like that. (pre-writing)

Then, I would pour out my soul onto the paper and tell her everything, you know, get it all out. (rough draft)

After I finished, I would go back and read it to myself and think about the girl and how she may react when she reads it. Then I would think, "Oh man, I can't say that, she'll think I’m crazy!" So, I would go back and change it up a little bit to make it better. (revising)

Then, you know, I didn't want her to think I was dumb, so I would go back and double check all of my punctuation, grammar, capitalization--stuff like that. I would make sure that I have crossed all of my t's and dotted all of my i's. Sometimes I would make the dots on the i's be like little hearts. (edit)

Now, I had the note just the way I wanted it, so I would get out a new sheet of paper and a really fancy pen and copy the letter in my best handwriting with no mistakes on it so the girl would think I was perfect. Maybe I would spray a little cologne on the paper to make it extra special. Then, I would present the letter to the girl! (publishing)

Next, I would watch as she would tear up the letter and yell at me to never speak to her again! (critic)

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