Friday, March 31, 2006


The coolest thing just happened. A couple of kindergarten girls were playing with dominoes in the after school program. They were stacking them up and stuff like that, but they weren't lining them up and doing the chain reaction thing that people do. Of course, I had to show them the trick. They went nuts! Then had never seen it done before! Then they decided to make a really long chain of dominoes and it curved and twisted and actually they weren't quite spaced just right, but I let them try it out anyway. When they finally let it go a couple of the dominoes didn't fall. One of the girls said, "Hey, two of them didn't fall, let's give them a hand." All of the other kindergartners who were watching kindly applauded.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Rock Show

We had a "Rock Concert" at my school for the kids who sold the most junk at the gift wrap sale. The famous rock group was a bunch of teachers doing some karayoke (sp?). Here I am rockin' the magic flute! Also here's me and and Coach Reid jamin' to "Born to be Wild". Notice how much those kindergartners' are diggin it! Actually, the concert was a big success. The second show had a much bigger crowd.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Billy Goats Gruff

I have been studying the story, "Three Billy Goat's Gruff" with the Kindergartners this week. I have been using it as a tool to get the kids to put themselves into a story and try to feel what the characters are feeling to help them become better readers and listeners. Kids have all felt fear before and can really relate to the billy goats and their fear of the troll. We also talk about the troll and why he is so angry with the billy goats. After all, the bridge is his home and the billy goats hooves do make a lot of noise. One of the kids compared it to when her upstairs neighbors were jumping around. I asked her if she told them she was going to gobble them up. She said, "yes" and of course the whole class bust out laughing.

We talk about how the big billy goat is kinda like a bully too because he is bigger than the troll. I tell them that I am proud of the big billy goat for standing up to the troll, but that I wish he would have talked to the troll first and tried to get him to leave the younger goats alone. The troll could have talked to the goats and asked them to walk quietly across their bridge.

The goats trick the troll by telling him, "Don't eat me, I'm too little. Wait for my brother, he's much bigger." I tell the kids, "It's like if someone offered you a french fry, you would take it--unless they told you to wait a minute and you could have a hamburger--or wait even more and get a pizza!"

The kids get to act out the story after we discuss it and they have a blast. When I am casting the play, I always say that I need the ugliest, stinkiest, meanest person to play the troll. The kids put on their ugliest faces and raise their hands like crazy! It kills me, they look so crazy! We act out the play several times so that they all get a turn.

Next week we talk about the big bad wolf. Why can't they all just get along?!