Saturday, July 10, 2010

Visit to My Parents House

remember when...

MOM: (angry.) Were you eating that giant candy cane in the freezer?

LITTLE MR. BOWERS: No, I was just tapping it with my tongue.


UNCLE CHARLES: Why did you put your bread slices in the fridge with mustard on them?

LITTLE MR. BOWERS: I like my mustard "chilled."


present day...

MR. BOWERS: Wow! Driving this rental car makes me think about when I took Drivers Ed.! I'm going to drive that way.

BROTHER BRIAN: Uhh, that's how you're supposed to drive all the time.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

What Did You Name It?

HANNAH: I got a new rabbit!
MR. BOWERS: Hey, ya know what's a good name for a rabbit?
MR. BOWERS: mister bowers.

MATTHEW: I won a goldfish at the rodeo!
MR. BOWERS: What did you name it?
MATTHEW: I didn't name it!
MR. BOWERS: You know what you should name it?
MR. BOWERS: mister bowers.

RACHEL: My mom is having a baby!
MR. BOWERS: I know a good name for a baby!
MR. BOWERS: mister bowers. boy or girl.

Gets 'em every time. Only once did that name get chosen for a pet. That's how I ended up with my turtle.