Sunday, June 29, 2008


Hunter is a new kid we got this year from Louisianna. He's a scrawny little blond headed first grader with a little scar under one of his eyes and a look like a stray dog. When you see him, you just know he's up to something.

He was wearing a Saints jersey at school and talking all kinds of trash about the Texans at the beginning of the year because the Saints were undefeated. After a while the Saints started losing and he tried to abandon the team and switch to the Texans. Coach Reid told him, "Dude, you have to stand by your Saints! You can't switch teams, you have to be loyal. You gotta go put a bag over your head and root for the Saints."

We also found out that he is a big Astros fan. He can name every player in the field and his favorite is, of course, Hunter Pence.

If the Astros lose, he will come walking up to you in the morning with his arms out as if to indicate the loss was his fault, but he tried his best--I swear, you would think he played for the team.

His dad works in New Orleans and he lives here with his mom--but the parents are still together--I see his mom and dad together every time there is a school function.

I was just thinking about Hunter while watching the Astros game and seeing Hunter Pence strike out with the bases loaded. I thought, "Somewhere little Hunter is gettin all upset."

I just hope Hunter comes back to my school after the summer break.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Downtown Y

So, this summer I am taking a couple of fun workout classes at the Downtown YMCA--Body Pump and Body Combat--tons o' fun! There are no kids allowed at this particular Y but they are having summer camp, so there are kids, they are just out of sight--but not out of earshot. I was sitting in the lobby after a workout and could hear, off in the distance, some young counselor hollering at the kids trying to get them quiet. Better him than me. I wanted to go and get the kids quiet for him by walking in there pretending like I was listening to a strange sound and I needed everyone to listen with me. Instead I just smiled and continued to enjoy my summer.

I am also in a play! It's The Tamarie Cooper Show! Lots of singing and dancing. I get to be a dancing sperm! Woo Hoo!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Triplets' Moms' Birthday

I got a note from one of the Pre-K teachers. She has triplets in her room. On their birthday, I pulled off the magical feat of THREE quarters! Their mom was up at the school on her birthday and some craziness happened. Here's the letter:

HI Mr. B,

It was the triplets mom’s birthday, Dami told her, "You need to get the quarter out of your ear." Trey looked in her ear for the quarter. I thought it was cute.

Thanks Mrs. O'Brien

See, that's why I do the quarter trick!