Friday, June 20, 2008

Downtown Y

So, this summer I am taking a couple of fun workout classes at the Downtown YMCA--Body Pump and Body Combat--tons o' fun! There are no kids allowed at this particular Y but they are having summer camp, so there are kids, they are just out of sight--but not out of earshot. I was sitting in the lobby after a workout and could hear, off in the distance, some young counselor hollering at the kids trying to get them quiet. Better him than me. I wanted to go and get the kids quiet for him by walking in there pretending like I was listening to a strange sound and I needed everyone to listen with me. Instead I just smiled and continued to enjoy my summer.

I am also in a play! It's The Tamarie Cooper Show! Lots of singing and dancing. I get to be a dancing sperm! Woo Hoo!!

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ladamesansregrets said...

you are so funny, noel. i swear you have a gift with children. i doubt many people would come up with such a creative solution to the problem...