Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm gonna Start Saying That

Ellen, a 3rd grader, who was was describing someone who had lost weight said, "He lost all his CHUB."


On old teacher at my school used to say, "Children are like barometers, when they weather is crazy, so are they!"

Today is one of those days and the children are WILD and LOUD! I had to get their attention...

MR. BOWERS: HHHHEEEEYYYYY!!!!!! (They all got silent) You know, this rainstorm is a great opportunity for me to practice my SELF CONTROL.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The music teacher is selling these smelly pencils called, "Smencils" to raise money for our after school clubs. I took a whiff of the ch-ch-cherry flavored pencil, and it reminded me of a scratch-n-sniff book that I had as a kid:

MR. BOWERS: Sssnnnnniiiifffffff...ahhh, this takes me back to my childhood.
TROY: Aw, man, i wanna go back to my childhood.
MUSIC TEACHER: Troy, I got news for ya, you're already there.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Called Her Bluff

The other day in the cafeteria, Susanna was talking loud and acting wild--as usual. I questioned her behavior:

MR. BOWERS: These are not MY rules--they will tell you to behave at ANY school.
SUZANNA: Not at my last school.
MR. BOWERS: You mean, they let you act crazy at your old school?
MR. BOWERS: What was the name of your old school?
SUZANNA: Yellowstone Academy.
MR. BOWERS: Here in Houston?

Now is where I get out my cell phone, put it on speaker phone for her to hear and call information, get the number and call Yellowstone Academy.

SUZANNA: (As it's ringing.) No, no, you don't have to call them...
MR. BOWERS: (on the phone) Hello, I am a teacher and I have a former student of yours here and she says that y'all let kids act crazy...do you let any of your kids act crazy at your school?
YELLOWSTONE: Oh, no, never!
MR. BOWERS: Ok, thank you! (hang up) What NOW Suzanna???

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

What Goes Around

Yesterday, I was walking and I hear Coach Reid call me over:

COACH: Hey, Bowers, come here, I got something for your blog. Check out what happened to Aaron (3rd grader) on Christmas break.
AARON: My house got broken into.
MR. BOWERS: Aaron, that's terrible, did they steal a bunch of stuff?
COACH: Here's the good part.
AARON: Well, they stole $22 from me, but $20 of that was money that I had stole from my sister, so, really they only took $2 from me.