Monday, April 20, 2009

Mad Scientist

I am making a little game show-type movie after school with some 5th graders. It's called "Lettuce Entertain You!" and it's about the 5 food groups. Avery and Kaitlyn were both cast as the host, "Grocery Guy" and have to sit inches from each other the entire time.

After the first rehearsal, I was reminded that they have been nemesis' since kindergarten. They both came to me complaining about the other. Here's what I told them:

You know how they say that fire and water don't mix? Well, you two are fire and fire. I'm hoping that you will get together and create a HUGE explosion of acting awesomeness and this will be the best show ever!........Or this could all blow up in my face...........I'm hoping for the awesomness.

The next day, they both came up to me individually and told me they agreed to get along.

Now we have had three more rehearsals and it is priceless. Sometimes a peek of the hatred comes out in the one who's not speaking's face--it kills me! They are so funny and they don't even know it!

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Anonymous said...

I like firewater. Where did you get the fire water? Do the kids bring you the fire water? Whoo I had some fire water one time that was so hot, it was so hot.