Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tie Your Shoes

MR. BOWERS: Hey, Tyonne, tie your shoes, the laces are draggin' on the ground. If you go in the bathroom, you're gonna get bathroom floor all over your laces and then when you go to tie your shoes, you will get bathroom floor on your hands and then when you go to pick your nose, you will have bathroom floor in your nose. You don't want bathroom floor in your nose, do you?
MR. BOWERS: Then tie your shoes!

He tied them right away.

The other day, a little kinder kid, Elezar, had his shoes untied, so i tried to talk to his 1st grade sister, Celeste, about teaching him how to tie them. Her shoes were untied too. I went on up to their 4rd grade sister, Melanie, to talk to her about teaching them both and her shoes had velcro straps. (sigh).

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