Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Drama Club DONE

Man! What a month! I have been trying to put up my latest Drama Club production. Tonight it happened! I am so worn out. The kids were great and the parents loved it. I wish we could do it again and again but the end of the year is so crazy and trying to get the stage is almost impossible.

The coolest part of the show was the food fight. Right when one of the kids yells out, "FOOD FIGHT!" I started playing some music from "The Matrix" and all the kids started throwing imaginary food. At the right moment in the song, all the actors switched to slow motion as a kid with a pie runs out on stage (in slo mo) and hits the Coach in the face with it! They really pulled it off.

My favorite line in the play (and I wrote the play--i had to, there were 26 girls and only 2 boys) is said by the main character, who is a bully, after she gets in trouble for starting the food fight:
"Sometimes I feel so bad for my mom because nothing ever goes her way. I guess I am afraid that nothing will ever go my way either."

I know, it's kinda sappy, but the girl (Avery) really pulled it off. She was a real star tonight!

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