Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Barbara is Smiling

So, I was talking with some of the other teachers and it just so happens that I am not the only one who has noticed a change with Barbara. Coach Reid said that he wanted her for the track team because she was the fastest girl in the school and she wouldn't be on the team. The Music teacher said that she was having trouble getting her to participate in class--she was refusing to play her recorder (remember those crazy flute thingies). We talked to her classroom teacher and found out that Barbara wasn't doing her homework and was not focusing in class.

We were talking about calling her mom and telling her all of our problems. I suggested we bombard Barbara with a meeting with just her and Coach Reid, the Art and Music teachers and myself. We did it. We told her how we all have noticed a change in her behavior and that we all knew that she could do better and that we all have known her since 2nd grade and that we thought she wasn't doing as well as she could. (How about that sentence!) She admitted that she needed to do better. We beat around the bush for a while and talked about ways she could improve.

The Music teacher thought that doing her homework on a regular basis would be a good place to start. I asked her if she thought she could improve on her own, or did she think she needed some help. She wanted help. We asked her if she wanted to talk to the counselor and she said that she did.

Turns out her Dad left the family recently. We checked in on her and she has been doing her homework and she has been trying harder in class. Barbara says that the best thing now is that her teacher is not getting on to her as much.


groovehouse said...

You all are really good teachers. Taking interest in the students the way you all do is just amazing. Keep up the great work.

Mr.Bowers said...

thanks dude! we try our best.

Steph R said...

I agree, you guys are great :)