Thursday, May 21, 2009


The music teacher wanted me to video the 2nd grade concert. I didn't know she wanted it to be a beautiful video, I thought it was just for showing the kids later. I didn't know that she was going to offer the videos up for sale to the parents!


Instead of always going close-up on the kids who were singing beautify, I zoomed in on the ones who were lost in their own world; the ones who didn't know the songs and wished they weren't there; the ones who saw someone they knew in the crowd and started waving; the ones who were doing the wrong movements to the songs, or not doing them at all.

Now, dont' get me wrong, I got tons of shots of great kids doing fantastic--'cuz that's how we roll at our school. Most of our kids are super, but the ones that aren't are pretty entertaining. I figured this way we could also show the kids "what not to do" in the concerts. I think the music teacher will appreciate this more in the future--I don't think the parents will, though. Oops.


EliCa said...

You rock it so hard dude. That's awesome. I'll buy a video, just for kicks!!

Powergirl said...

Does the music teacher know this?

Mr.Bowers said...

yeah, she wants to edit it with one of the parents' videos.

I saw the one i took and it is pretty funny at times. one of the kids that was not singing in the video was in the class when we watched it and he was coincidentally in time-out by the time his part came up on the video!