Saturday, May 08, 2010

Pony Boy

Luis hasn't seen "The Outsiders" but he sports the same hairstyle as Pony Boy. His teacher and I have been calling him Pony Boy ever since he changed his hair to the "greaser" style and he likes the nickname.

Yesterday, we were having 3rd Grade Field Day and he came over to where I was working the Battle Ball game under the shaded area of the Blacktop. I asked him if he got in trouble and was asked to come sit out and he said that he chose to come over because he didn't want to get any sun damage on his skin. Being fair complected myself, I told him that I understood.

A few minutes later, he pointed out that one of the Dunwell twins was gonna get a nasty sunburn if he didn't sit out too. Then he told me that he is really good at feeling other people's pain.

I gave him some of my sun screen and sent him back out to join his class. I offered some SPF30 to the Dunwell twin and he declined. He said that he goes to the beach all the time and he could tell that the sun wasn't strong enough to burn him today.

I'll have to be sure and give him a good pat on the shoulder on Monday;)

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