Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Sometimes, when I have had enough of a kid and need a little break, I will send the kid to my friend, the music teacher, next door. It's a common technique used by many teachers.

Well, today I had had enough of 1st grader Isaiah shouting out and asked him to go next door. He refused. I asked him a second time. He continued to just sit there looking grumpy. So, instead, I asked the rest of the class to go next door. They all got up and left him sitting there looking grumpy.

Then he and I had a little talk about when he grows up gets a job and how he is going to have to start following orders at some point!

Two more days 'till summer!! woohoo!!


EliCa said...

As excited and anxious as you are for summer vacay to be here, that is ekxactically the opposite of how many parents are feeling.

... at least that's what I hear...

Mr.Bowers said...

You know you can't get enough of them youngins! And I'm sure they NEVER get tired of mommy :)