Saturday, September 17, 2011

Secret Kindergarten Puppy

What a day. Yesterday, one of our kindergarteners brought this puppy to school and kept it in his backpack all day. The puppy was discovered after school. The parents were called and they came to "retrieve" the shivering one-month old. The kid kept the puppy a secret almost till the end of the day, when he told another kid in a different class about it, and that kid told his teacher.


MindySue said...

OH wow. Poor little thing! At the same time, what a story for when that kid gets older -- the day he brought a puppy to school.

Connie said...

Poor kid, sounds like it needed something to love, and love them back. Don't be to hard on them, sounds like things they love are always taken from them, or they have to share; to much. Bet it's the oldest child.
Hopefully the parents will see this child's needs, and grant the request for the puppy, to help the child learn that a puppy is a BIG responsibility!

`til next time.

Mr.Bowers said...

The teacher said that other kids had been bringing stuffed animals to school, so i guess the kid thought he could top them! i will try to find out more about the story on Monday.