Thursday, September 22, 2011

Those Kindergarteners do Grow Up

I got a nice email today:

Mr. Bowers,

You most likely will not remember me. I took drama at your school whilst a kindergartener in 1997. I only have a few memories while in kindergarten and some of them contain my time in your classroom. If i remember correctly you were a cheerful teacher with a portable as a room. Thanks for being a awesome drama teacher and keep it up.

I'm 18 years old now. I'm studying pre-pharmacy at the University of Houston and doing great. I contacted you because i believe teachers have a lot to do with the personal growth of a human. My morals and support system could have been greatly influenced by any teacher during my childhood developmental phase. Due to this, i feel it is my obligation to thank you. I am pretty successful in regards to a 18 year old college student. The teachers throughout my life have had significant influence on my success so you have my infinite gratitude. By the way i thought your name was mr. bowser due to playing too much mario.


Sadly, I was once addicted to Mario Kart on the N64 system. I know what he's going through. I still have a portable as a room. They call it a "temporary building" but there ain't nothing "temporary" about it--it's been here for 20 years! Ahh, life in the trailer park.

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EliCa said...

You are amazing and I'm glad your students still think of you even now.