Friday, December 08, 2006

Mrs. Bowers

There is now a Mrs. Bowers! I have been on my honeymoon in Hawaii. That is why there has been no Mr. Bowers blogging lately. I am in such a good mood from the honeymoon that the kids cannot get on my nerves enough to make me complain in my blog. Soon they will break my "Aloha Spirit" and I will be back at it.

For now just know that I am telling all of the kids about Hawaii and the wedding and they are loving it. They can't believe the pictures of Mr. Bowers standing next to a steam vent from the volcano. They love to see the pictures of Mr. Bowers snorkling with fish all around him. They laugh when I tell them what my fifth grade teacher told me, "I married my best friend." I hope they remember it!


Becky said...

Oh, Noel... I have been coming by here and reading you blog for a while now, but never commented, but I HAVE to comment NOW!!!

CONGRATS on the new Mrs. Bowers!!!!

Your old college buddy, Becky R.

groovehouse said...

Now there is also a Mrs. Speedball! Congrats!

Mr.Bowers said...

Becky!!! Thanks, and i guess i can give you a few congrats since I haven't seen you in so long!

Groovehouse, thank you as well. Speedball is loving it!

Anonymous said...

So is Rosy jealous? Why don't you post a picture of the Mrs Bowers so we can stare at it for a while.

Mr.Bowers said...

Rosy is doing just fine, i got her one of those tension relieving squeeze balls. As for the picture, that is a good idea. Coming eventually.