Friday, April 11, 2008

The Jacket

Xavier just moved to our school with only a month and a half left. He is FULL of anger. His teacher said that when she tried to talk to his dad, HE was full of anger as well. I talked to Xavier and he told me that his little brother and sister spend every day at home tearing up all of his stuff--including his XBox. After he told me that, here's what I said to him:

Dude, I'll bet you can't wait 'till you grow up and get to move out of the house. You know, the ticket out of town is COLLEGE! You can't come to school with all this anger. You will never learn enough to get to college.

You know when you get to school on a cold day how you take off your jacket? Well, you need to take off your anger just like that. When you get out of the car in the morning and wallk into the school, I want you to take that anger off--just like a jacket.


Chris said...

Your the best teacher ever! I get the feeling that you are turning some kids lives around in a way that they will remember forever. I had only 2-3 teachers like you in school and I remember each one. Their impact still encourages me to this day.

Mr.Bowers said...

thanks, dude...i try my best!