Monday, November 24, 2008

Angie Was Being Bullied

I have duty in the morning at the front of the school where many of the kids get dropped off. We have safety patrols out there opening doors for the kids and we all tell the kids "good morning" and "have a nice day" and so on.

Angie gets dropped off there. She is in 2nd grade and this is her first year at our school. Last week, a boy was moved to her classroom because he was having trouble getting along with his former class. Now he is having trouble getting along with his new class as well.

Angie was already being bullied by this new kid in her room. When Angie's class came to Drama, I could tell they were all frustrated and Angie even raised her hand to tell me that he bothered her all the time. The next morning, I stopped her and talked to her about some strategies that she could use like ignoring, moving away from the kid, etc. Angie’s mother saw me talking to her and called the principal and told him, "That man in front of the school is talking to my daughter!"

My principal was very understanding. He told me what I already knew--There is a double standard for men who teach in an elementary school.

I understand her concern, but come on!


Steph R said...

That's so ridiculous, especially since you were trying to help her daughter! I worry about this for Jeff too.

Jennifer said...

That is so not right, Mr. B. We NEED more male teachers in all our grades but especially elementary school...esp. since so many of our kids are lacking a strong male role model in their lives.

Never doubt for a second that you are changing lives!

LOVE Ms. Blessington

Jennifer said...

P.S. I have a pretty funny kindergarten story for you via my mother-in-law, a retired kindergarten teacher who is now volunteering once a week at her local school.

Anyway, she was reading with a kindergartener and trying to get her to understand what a period is for.

The kid goes, "Well, my mom has her period right now, so we know she's not pregnant."


Mr.Bowers said...

That is so funny!

Hey, thanks for the support y'all.

EliCa said...

How ignorant of her.