Friday, September 04, 2009

I Vow... stop complaining about all of the changes that have occurred at my school. Although I haven't complained publicly--with my co-workers, I feel I have been kinda vocal. Not the loud complaints, but the subtle, comedic type. Sure, they crack people up, but I've realized that they could be kinda like a cancer to my school.

Since I teach all of the kids, I know all of the teachers. By pointing out the problems that I have with the changes, I think many of the other teachers are getting lower spirits as well.

I think that if I accept the changes and keep a positive attitude like I usually do, I can save the school!

I vow no be 100% positive at school and work hard!

(either that, or I vow to accept that it's not all about me.) ;)

((although I will secretly know that it is.))


Becky said...

Rock on, Mr. Bowers.... (and it is all about you....)

EliCa said...

It is SO, all about you.
I guess i'm not as involved this year cause i haven'y noyiced the changes.

Ahhh ignorance is bliss!!!