Tuesday, November 03, 2009

No Halloween

Phillip is in 5th grade and is on patrol at my morning duty spot in the back courtyard. He already confessed to me that he has only eaten at McDonald's once because his mom is a health nut. He smiles ALL THE TIME, even during this conversation Monday morning:)

PHILLIP: I haven't ever been Trick-or-treating.
MR. BOWERS: Why not?
PHILLIP: My mom's reeeal :) Christian. She says it's the Devil's birthday. :)
MR. BOWERS: What about your dad?
PHILLIP: He doesn't care, he's always on the computer. :)
MR. BOWERS: You need to convince your parents to take you to the store the day after Halloween when the candy's cheap and let you have at it. :) (Then I remembered about the "only eating at McDonald's once" thing) Or not.

When the kids start asking me if I'm going "trigger-treating" I always tell them, "Yes." Then they usually tell me I'm too old, to which I ALWAYS say, "You're never too old for free candy."

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EliCa said...

amen brother, amen. I happen to have children to steal candy from. So i"m cool.