Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Wasp

The wasps are still buzzing around the school. Today, one landed on a 3rd graders' shirt. He stood completely still and I gently pushed it off. The wasp slowly flew onto my leg, then down by my foot. I instinctively put my foot on top of the wasp. I suddenly regretted it because the whole class was watching. I told them to go into the room before I lifted my foot off of the wasp.

When I got in the class one of the kids asked, "Did it live?"

Another answered for me, "He gave it mouth-to-mouth."

I hated to kill it, but as I explained to the kids, a wasp that will so bravely land on people can not be allowed to fly where there are 4 year old kids (preK) running around.



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