Friday, February 04, 2011

Conversation With a Mom

One of the 4th graders' mom stopped me after school. She and I have good conversation on a daily basis, so this was all a friendly conversation about her son:

A MOM: I hear my son got in trouble today in Drama today.

MR. BOWERS: Yeah, he said that you told him if someone hits you, you can hit them back--even if it's a girl. I told him that his mom doesn't want him to get bullied, that she wants him to fight back...not this little play slapping with a girl...and that he shouldn't be hitting girls in the first place.

A MOM: Yeah, I told him that...a girl that age shouldn't be hitting a boy and I told him that if someone initiates contact, he should hit them back.

MR. BOWERS: Well, maybe you could tell him that if he wants to hit someone, to invite them home so you can watch!



Connie said...

Very good Mr.Bowers,
Hitting is never allowed!
Good advice for the mom.
I enjoy your blog, the ramblings of small children.
The world is a much better place because you help young people shape into adults they should become. You care.....
More children will remember you than you realize.
You do good work, keep it up.
'til next time,

Mr.Bowers said...

Thanks Connie. I'm getting old! some of them are already adults! haha!