Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Student Audition

We were having some 3RD grade auditions for one of our musicals. Jada is a new student.

MR. BOWERS: Jada, do you want to audition?
JADA: I don't think so.
MUSIC TEACHER: Were you in choir at your old school?
JADA: Yes.
MUSIC TEACHER: Well, you should audition.
JADA: No, I'm ok.
MR. BOWERS: Who do you live with?
JADA: My Auntie.
MR. BOWERS: What would she tell you to do if she were here--just sit there? Or, get up and audition?
JADA: Get up and audition.
MUSIC TEACHER: Well, then, let's go!

Jada came up and quietly sang for us.

MUSIC TEACHER: Jada, first of all, you hit every single note. Now go ahead and sing out and have confidence!

The next day, we got this letter from Jada:


Why I like Drama and Music room is because you get to sing and it's my favorite because I always sing and sometimes my aunt tell me to stop singing. I love plays. It's just that I’m very proud that I tried out for because a great man and a great woman said that I can do it and I believed in my self and I did so I know that I should try. YOU ARE GREAT PEOPLES!



Anonymous said...

You ARE great peoples! you're amazing and wonderful, our school is very blessed to have you, I know tht my kids are all the better for having you in their lives.

Mr.Bowers said...

aww! thanks! <3

Girl said...

Congrats for making a kid feel so good about themselves, definitely a well deserved compliment Mr B!

Anonymous said...

NB, I always knew you were destined for greatness... I just didn't know how great. Keep going.