Monday, May 23, 2011

Snow Cone Win

We had 2nd and 3rd Grade Field Day today:

FORRIS: I want another snow cone!!!
MR. BOWERS: Sorry, you only get one--but when you grow up and get a job, you can buy your own snow cone machine and have a many as you want.
DESTINY: My dad has a snow cone machine, and it serves ALCOHOL flavored snow cones!

mmm. I bet they're green.


Dawn said...

Just FYI--later in the day, at daycare, Zoe looked up and asked me, "What's a bottle of Jack?" Apparently there is some song about brushing your teeth with Jack Daniels??

Mr.Bowers said...


Girl said...

It's a Kesha song, I think it's a bit tacky. However, it is funny when you hear kids singing it because it's so out of place for them to say those things.

Mr.Bowers said...

i still can't get over the times i see the kindergarteners doing the"stanky leg." hilarious.