Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shut Up

Whenever I hear a kid tell another kid to,"shut up," I try to reason with them:

I would get fired if I went around telling kids to, "shut up." If I can't say it, you FOR SURE can't say it.

If I hear a kid cursing, I ask them if they want to tell the curse word to their grandma over the phone. Usually, they decline. I tell them to only use words that they would use if their grandma was at school with them.


Connie said...

Good for you Mr Bowers, my grandkids look to see if I can hear them. They know what's coming if grandma hears them. Soap was for their parents, but they sure don't like water when everyone else gets kool-aid and don't want popcicles when the others get ice cream. If they are haveing a swearing contest, they all know what's coming next.
Thank you Mr. Bowers for caring so much for our children.

A grandma, that better not get that call.

Central Illinois

Mr.Bowers said...

Remind me not to swear around you, i love ice cream! I also love it when a kid tattles on another kid for cursing--they always say, "he said the '__' word." (insert letters, a, b, s or f).

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