Thursday, August 25, 2011

Or Not

Today I was giving the 2nd graders a new way to control their anger:

MR. BOWERS: Let's say that your brother is making you mad by switching the TV channel while you are watching your favorite show. You can always get rid of your anger by doing what I like to call the, "Hulk Smash" on your bed. It will get rid of your anger and you won't hurt anything because your bed is so soft!

LAKIFA: Or you can just go up to your brother and say, "YOU BETTER STOP CHANGING THE CHANNELS OR I'M GONNA JACK YOU UP!!!"


EliCa said...

Homegirl aint playing. At. All.

Havent seen you in a while. Hope you're well and that your summer was usper rad!

Mr.Bowers said...

Doing great! Yeah, I miss you too--I saw your hubby yesterday dropping off the kids.

And, actualy, Lakifa is a BOY!!!