Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Xavior is a PreK'er this year and we call him Xavitor because on the first day of school, his name tag was kinda hard to read and the "I" looked like a "T", and well, we do have kids with strange names, so it just stuck.

Today, he was in computer class and I was in there helping out the copmuter teacher.  Xavitor was playing a game where his cheetah was racing other cheetahs.  He was running into the other cheetahs and making them crash into the rocks:

XAVITOR:  Yeah!  Take that, SUCKER!  Yeah SUCKER, I beat you!
MR. BOWERS:  Xavitor, why are you calling those cheetahs suckers?  You should call them Lollipops instead. 
XAVITOR:  Take that, LOLLIPOP!  Yeah, LOLLIPOP, I beat you!

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