Friday, January 11, 2013

Mind Gardeners

MR. BOWERS:  Your teacher works for YOU.  You know that right?  You and your family pay taxes and those taxes are used to pay firefighters, teachers,, what if you hired a gardener to work for you to build a nice flower bed outside your front door, so you could smell the wonderful flowers whenever you walked outside.  Then, when the gardener is out there building the garden, you SPRAY HIM WITH THE WATER HOSE!  Then, when he's planting the flowers, you RELEASE A HIVE OF BEES!  Would he want to do a good job working for you?

CLASS:  Noooo.

MR. BOWERS:  He's gonna finish that job as fast as possible and move on to the next job.  He's not going to want to do a good job for you! 
Well, your teacher is like the gardener of your mind, and she's WORKING ON YOU!  Every day!  Don't bother her with all this tattling, talking too much and bothering each other...and...don't spray her with water and release bees on her.

CLASS:  Okaaaaaaay.

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Anonymous said...

An extremely timely message for the public, too, who seem to think that Teachers are the root of all problems financial (well as they are being portrayed in Ontario, Canada). Thank you Mr. Bowers for your wisdom!