Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Topic of Divorce

For the 5th grade puppet activity, the kids had to draw on conversations that they were involved in or had listened to in the past.  They could recreate arguments, times they were in trouble or even funny conversations.  

One of the kids volunteered that he always has to listen to his parents yelling at each other and how he hates it when that happens.   Then he said that his parents are divorced and they argue every time they see each other.

Of course, many hands went up in the air to tell me stories, because of so many kids have been involved in divorce.

By the time it got to be my turn to speak on the subject, here's what came out of my mouth:

Well, my parents got divorced and they hardly ever saw each other again--but then at my wedding THEY HAD TO SIT RIGHT THERE NEXT TO EACH OTHER  IN THE CHURCH!!! Don't you worry, you'll get the last laugh at your parents.  When you're like 35 years old, and you start having kids, they'll be right there together in the hospital saying, "Awww! Now we're grandparents, I guess we have to get along!"

They loved it.

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Anonymous said...

I had a professor in college who said, "You can leave your wife, but you can never leave your ex-wife." I thought that was funny, until I got divorced. (But I never see her anyway.)