Monday, November 04, 2013

Sunday Night Football

At least five times today, I heard a kid tell another kid that the Texans won the game last night.  Poor little fans don't know that you never go to bed on a Houston team.  I was sad to tell them the bad news, but was quick to point out that the reason they lost to the Colts was because the Colts quarterback, Andrew Luck IS FROM HOUSTON!  He went to Stratford High School, which is on Dairy Ashford, which is only about two miles from our school, which is right down the street from the Dairy Ashford Roller Rink, which is where all of our safety patrol parties are held, which means that they skate on the very same rink that ANDREW LUCK (might have) skated on!!!  You may have even worn the same skates as him!  Those skates are pretty old!

So, ummm, that means that, umm, you might someday leave Houston and come back into town and beat their football team...or something like that.

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