Thursday, September 18, 2014


I have discovered a way to get a crying 4 year old to stop!  It may not always work, but it has worked twice for me so far!  Both times, it has happened in the morning, at breakfast while the pre'k kids are saying goodbye to their parents.  Some of them cry on and on--and sometimes the kids are even crying, too. hahahaha!  Anyway, if a kid is really wailing super loud and really hurting people's ears, i'll go up to them and quietly say:

Hey, listen...Do you know how to sob?  I mean, because, right now, you are REALLY moaning...could ya change it to more of a sob?  You know, cry really quietly, like this.  ( I try to do a soft, sweet sob as an example.)  Thanks! 

Both times, they sat there confused as I walked away--confused and NOT crying.

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