Monday, March 26, 2007

Khalil Moved

The cycle continues. I don't know where he moved yet. I didn't even get to say goodbye--which is usually the case. I hate that about my job. Some of the kids will track me down and say goodbye when they are about to move--at which point I will pull a quarter out of their ear or give them a sticker or something and give them the ole, " be good and remember what I taught you..." speach.

Many of the kids don't even know they are moving. It just happens.


laanba said...

Our students usually bring their check out papers themselves to be initialed (middle school) so we usually always get to say goodbye.

It is always so sad for me when a good student is moving, especially when I know they are going to a school that does not have a good choir program and they love music. You just have to hope that the light will continue and find other ways to their passion.

Mr.Bowers said...

yeah, sometimes i get to sign them out, but more often than not, the kid doesn't even show up the day they check out, it is a suprrise to everyone--and it's usually on a monday morning. The mom just decided to pack up and haul the kid to another school.