Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You're Tellin' Me "NO"?

MR. BOWERS: Angelo, go to the front of the school--your mom is late. She's gonna have to pick you up there.
ANGELO: Nooooo! Just a few more minutes--she'll come!
ANGELO: Nooooo. Pleeeeease!
MR. BOWERS: Angelo, what do you want to be when you grow up?
ANGELO: A carver. You know, one of those guys that carves stuff in the wood for the buildings when they are building them--like a carpenter or something.
MR. BOWERS: Umm, OK, well, how would you feel if the boss gave you the tools to carve with and they were all dull and stuff and they wouldn't cut the wood the way you wanted them too?
ANGELO: I would hate it.
MR. BOWERS: Well, that's how I feel when a kid tells me "no". Don't be a dull wood cutting tool--be a sharp one...and go to the front of the school and wait for your mom.

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