Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cutest Turd Ever

Ok, so, I'm walking past the 1st graders' restrooms, and the most awful smell ever is filling the entire hallway. I think, "That has to be coming from the boys restroom--one of these little 1st graders must have forgotten to flush."

I walk into the restroom and am greeted by a tiny little turd-let on the floor. I investigate further and find that one of the toilets has poo all over it and is filled with toilet paper as if someone was trying to clean up their mess.

I then realize that the small "gift" left on the floor is only a portion of the mess and that the entire floor has tracks of poo on it from where kids have been walking in it AND the tracks have spread out into the first grade hallway--which is why the smell was so powerful.

How are the restrooms at your workplace?


Anonymous said...

Tom says his work bathrooms are comparable to yours!

J Rizzle said...

Thats funny, we have the same problems where I work!!!

Powergirl said...

That reminds me of a time I was driving kids to art class at the Glassell. I went to pick them up and one of the kids was not in class. I found him in the bathroom COVERED with poo. COVERED. I am not just talking about his butt. It was everywhere! I had to strip him down, wash him off, and put him in a smock for the ride back to school. EW!!!!!

Mr.Bowers said...

yyyuuuccckkkk, ok, i don't feel so bad now, thanks.