Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dirty Restrooms

We have had some restroom messes at our school this year, so I decided to take a "before and after" picture of the boys’ restroom. I showed the kids the pictures from the beginning of the day, and at the end of the day and they, of course, were disgusted. I asked them:

MR. BOWERS: Who gets to clean up this mess every day?
CLASS: Mr. Roberto!
MR. BOWERS: A Grandfather!
MR. BOWERS: That's right! A GRANDFATHER! I asked Mr. Roberto, and he has two grandkids, so that makes him a grandfather. How many of you have a Grandfather? Would you want YOUR Grandfather to have to clean up this mess EVERY DAY?
MR. BOWERS: So, what do we need to do about these messy bathrooms?

I think that if I can get some sympathy for our school workers, maybe the kids will also help to keep it cleaner :)


Nomi said...

Has there been improvement?

No matter, I think considering all of us as members of families could lead to fewer wars.

Mr.Bowers said...

There have been a few times where a kid has came to me to tell me that they cleaned up a mess in the rest room. I agree with your war comment, we are all part of the earth family :)