Thursday, February 01, 2007

That Crazy Teegerstrom

The activity was a about character building. The assignment for each child was to come up with a character and an emotion. Then, I would give them a line to start a monologue with.

Teegerstrom (grade 4) came up for his turn. The character he came up with was half-ninja-half-wizard. AWESOME! What a great idea for a character. I am surprised there hasn't been some kind of movie with a half-ninja-half-wizard character. His emotion was anger, but he told me that it was really revenge.

The line I gave him to start his monologue with was, "Do you know me?"

"Do you know me? Well I know you, you are the one who killed my Sensay (sp?) Now you will pay!"

At this point he quit speaking and started doing this imaginary fight with lots of magical sounds and fantastic moves. I imagined him throwing stars with one hand and using his wand with the other. At one point he allowed his character to be thrown across the room, then he came back and defeated whoever he was fighting against. Even though he didn't have much of a monologue, he earned trememdous applause from his classmates--and from his teacher.


Anonymous said...

Has the kid ever seen any Chuck Norris movies? That way he could learn some real moves.

Anonymous said...

It's spelled "sensei".
It means teacher, as in "YOU KILLED TEACHER!!!!"