Thursday, February 08, 2007


Whenever a kid comes up to me and says something like, "Mr. Bowers, Bobby hit me" or, "Mr. Bowers, Kelly pushed me." I will say to them, "Did you ask them why they did it?" If they say, "No" then I tell them to go and ask them, "why?"

Usually the other kid says something like, "Because you hit me first" or "Because you cut in front of me."

If someone came up to me and hit me I would usually know the reason why they did it. If I didn't know why they hit me, I would want to know.

I always tell them that hitting or pushing is no way to solve a problem--even if the other person hits first. I want the kids to start settling their messes by communicating with each other.


Anonymous said...

Even if they showed up to you with a busted face and blood creeping out of every hole in their head, would you still ask them to ask that kid why they just pummelled me?

Mr.Bowers said...

No, I would send them to the nurse, of course. I would wait until they had proper care, then tell them to ask the kid, "why?"

Anonymous said...

do yall have a male nurse at your school?

Mr.Bowers said...

No, it is a female and her dad and grandfather were both doctors!