Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pre-K Poker

I had a Pre-K girl come to me the other day who had poked another kid with a pencil. I asked her to go to the office. She would not go. I asked her again. She would not go. I found another teacher in the hall and asked her to take the kid to the office. She would not go with the other teacher.

Now, I can't pick her up or drag her to the office and I was very frustrated and at a loss. I called the office to come and get her, but they were busy handling other situations at the time.

Finally the idea hit me, "Let's go for a walk--everyone line up!" They did--including the "poker". We walked down the stairs and around the courtyard and then past the library and by the cafeteria and then walked through the office and as we passed through the office--that's when they nabbed her!

Then the rest of the class and I went back to the room for our lesson. :)

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