Thursday, May 01, 2008


Winfred was in First grade when I started teaching Drama at this school. I had him all the way through fourth grade. Now he is a senior. Yesterday, I got this letter from his mother.

Good afternoon,

I have a praise report to share!!! Winfred was accepted to Babson College, a private college, in Massachusetts. Babson is the #1 Entrepreneurialship school in the nation, and a Top 10 Business School overall. Over 4000 Freshmen applied and they only accepted 400. This was an honorable accomplishment in and of itself. The problem was this private school wanted $48,000/yr. to go to their school. Mommy and Daddy said "Son, we cannot pay that kind of money for you to go to school. They will have to come with some serious financial aid." Winfred was determined to go. He and his dad went on the College Diversity Tour there and he fell in love with the school. He said knew he was going there and felt that God was going to make a way for him to go.

Well, I am just here to tell you that God has indeed made a way!!! He got his financial aid packet from them and they are offering him $45,681/yr. Mom and dad and family and friends will only have to pay $2586 for the year to go there and that includes tuition, housing and meal plan!!!! God is so good!! My child will be going off to Massachusetts to Babson College. I know I'll be crying soon but right now I am rejoicing over all that God has done. This is a testimony of my child's faith, he believed and trusted God and God rewarded his faithfulness!!!

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great story.