Friday, October 10, 2008


Here's part of my lesson on Responsibility:

OK, let's say that your mom is in your room putting up some of your clothes and she accidentally knocks over your favorite "whatever" and breaks it.

Should she walk away and not do anything about it?...Should she hide it from you and hope that you never find out about it?...OR...Should she stop you at the door when you get home from school and tell you, "Sweetie, before you go in your room, there's something you should know--I accidentally broke your favorite 'whatever', and I'm sorry."?

Yeah, she should do number three, right? Well, that's the way most people feel. We all know that people make mistakes; the important thing is that you take responsibility for your actions!

Of course, the kids will accept the moms apology as long as she buys them another "whatever".

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