Monday, October 27, 2008

This Year's Journeys

It's that time of year again: Time for Imagination Journeys! I thought this one was interesting.

Heather wrote:

...and then you find yourself as a baby and a young beautiful woman is looking down at you. You are on an airplane and you feel your ears popping but then you forget about the noise. You look back at the woman and you recognize her. She is your mom but in her younger days. You smell her perfume, you recognize it. Then, she picks you up. You feel her warm hands, she starts to sing very softly to you. You barely hear her and you fall asleep in her arms. You wake up and you are a grown 30 year old lying on a river bank. You get up and you are surrounded by dead trees everywhere. There's an old man sitting next to a tree and he looks cold but your hands are warm so you put your hand on his shoulder--you have the magic touch--he stands up and slowly becomes young again. He's in neat clothes. He thanks you. He gives you an apple as a thank you gift. You bite it then all of a sudden you're a baby again. You wake up in your mom's arms again. She kisses you and you feel home again.


Anonymous said...

This is not an imagination, this is an acid trip, wow, I want what she has, good stuff dude.

Anonymous said...

Was this Heather Lucas?